Pro Portable Ultra quiet 1.5 HP oil-free air compressor comes with 10 Gallon tank LG10200

Short Description:

Horsepower: 1.5 HP

Max. Pressure : 120PSI

CFM @ 90PSI: 4.3

Tank Size: 10Gal/40L

Decibels: 80 Db

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Limodot’s professional-grade portable air compressors are designed to make tough jobs a breeze. Equipped with an ultra-quiet air pump, two wheels, and an L-shaped handle, these compressors are easy to move around your work site. With Limodot’s high-pressure air compressors, tasks like building decks, painting cars, and changing truck tires become effortless. You’ll feel confident in your work knowing that you have the right compressor to get the job done. These compressors are built to last and can withstand multiple job sites. They are both durable and portable, allowing you to take them wherever you need them. At the end of the day, you can feel proud of the work you’ve accomplished with the help of Limodot’s professional portable air compressors.

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  • Noise level – 80 dB,oil-free compressors that are exceptionally low-noise due to their enclosures and can run all day without slowing down—making them ideal for industries that require around-the-clock operations.

    Portable And Durable: The super quiet air compressor is made by high quality Q235B steel, and ergonomic grip handle for easy carry and use. Long life oil free pump for no maintenance and no risk of oil stains on work surfaces. It can also be use in cold weather conditions. The wheel and rubber feet prevent scraping floors, and absorb most vibration.

    Long service life:Limodot air compressors are all 100% tested in the factory before packed, the working life is much longer than the regular pancake compressors, Oil-Free Dual Piston pump designed makes the compressor service life up to 3000 plus hours.

    WORRY FREE: Limodot air tools are made of high-quality components and has been 100% factory tested. Electric air compressor comes with 1-year warranty, if you need any technical support or parts replacement, please feel free to contact our service team, we are here to help for any concerns within 24 hours.

    The Limodot Ultra Quiet Air Compressor is the perfect tool for professionals who require a powerful and efficient compressor that can handle their needs. With a noise level of only 82 dB, you can have a normal conversation without raising your voice while standing next to this operating compressor. Whether you’re working in your garage, basement, workshop, or any other job site, this super quiet air compressor is an ideal choice for the professional.

    Constructed from high-quality Q235B steel, the Limodot Ultra Quiet Air Compressor is both portable and durable. Its ergonomic grip handle makes it easy to carry and use, while its long-life oil-free pump requires no maintenance, eliminating the risk of oil stains on work surfaces. Plus, its wheel and rubber feet prevent floor scraping while absorbing most vibration, making it a breeze to use in any professional setting.

    With a maximum pressure of 180PSI and an airflow rate of 3.2CFM@90PSI, this air compressor is designed to meet the needs of professional-grade projects. You can easily adjust its settings to meet your needs thanks to its control panel and pressure regulator, and its oil-free dual piston pump design helps extend its service life to over 3000 hours.

    And with high-quality components, rigorous 100% factory testing, and a 1-year warranty, you can trust that the Limodot Ultra Quiet Air Compressor is a reliable and long-lasting investment for all your professional projects. So whether you’re using it to power your pneumatic tools, inflate tires, or operate paint sprayers, this compressor is the perfect tool to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

    NOISE Max.
    Tank Size Dimension Weight
    kW rpm V/Hz cfm 90psi dB(A) psi L Gal cm inch KG LB
    LG10200 1.5 1680 120/60 4.3 80 120 40 10 72*33.5*71.5 28.3*13.2*28.2 39 86
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